11 Feb 2020

Top tips on how to study with TIPTOP CA.

Recently we celebrated a successful 2019 having achieved high pass rates, and 100% exam entry from students who started with us from test 1. If you are reading this, I promise you, there is no better place to be right now. What you are about to experience for the year, is life-changing.

It is not easy, neither was it last year; nevertheless, we found smart ways to work hand in hand with the exam trends… and we made it. This year the ball is in our court again; you and I will play it smart.

So, how did we do it last year? Read the tips below:

  1. We decided from the beginning that we are not a losing team and that we will watch each other ‘s six until CTA has fallen, without leaving anyone behind! This required commitment; attending all classes, asking questions to seek clarity, simplifying our study approach, submitting all assessments and participating together as a team with one goal in mind: pass CTA.
  2. We cut down the volume of work by eliminating notes for modules that have SAICA handbooks/standards to reference from. There is absolutely no need for additional notes or additional questions except the ones we give in class. The reason is simple: you already have the notes and you will be allowed to take them to the exam. Thus, we will teach you how to use the standards to your best advantage. Life will be easier for you in any exam.
  3. Our weekly timetable was adjusted to create enough time for practice. Each week you have to do 3 modules and revise them before you continue to the next. The ideal schedule is as follows:
  • Monday MAC4862/1 (morning +Evening)
  • Tuesday morning = MAC4862/1 Revision + Evening: AUE4862/1
  • Wednesday: AUE4862/1 Questions
  • Thursday: Revision for all
  • Friday: whichever module is scheduled for Saturday and for Sunday.
  • Please do not skip your studies for more than 2 days because it might trigger pressure, leading to stress.
  • Consistency is key.

5. Watch videos while you highlight your standards simultaneously, spend most of your time on practice. Highlighting and flagging must be done fast… The most important part is the practice of questions. There will be questions that you will be asked to repeat, please repeat them. UNISA has many questions for each module, master those questions first.

6. Do not rush anything, our timetable is designed with the student in mind… it doesn’t matter that a class will be offered later and let me tell you why; ‘ the stuff that you do earlier, you forget most of it, mainly due to the volume of work. Regardless of that, by the time we do that module together, if you had enough time you would have went through it before us. That makes it even better. Its important to never wait but don’t rush it.

7. You could be in the sample picture below in December this year, work smart!!!

This is a sample of last year’s results…!!!

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